Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the metamorphism of limestone formed under immense heat and pressure. The mainly calcite composition is recognised by its characteristic swirls and veins deriving from various mineral impurities originally present as grains or layers in the limestone. Of mid-range hardness (approx MOHS 3-4), marble is ideally suited for bathroom tops, walls and flooring. 

Marbles uniqueness makes it desirable for kitchen tops, but care and maintenance needs to be a consideration when choosing this stone. 

Marble and limestone are stones of calcareous origin with a varying degree of porosity; like all natural materials, they are therefore subject to variations in colour, texture and shade. These are characteristics which emphasise their beauty.

  • The degree of porosity depends on material and colour: limestone is more porous than marble; lighter colour materials are more porous than darker colour ones.
  • The surface finish for reduced water absorption should be respectively polished, honed or velvet (satin) finish;
  • Some marbles retain the original aesthetic and structural characteristics through time more than others: Nero Marquina loses its shine easier than Botticino and Bianco Carrara marble; however a stain will be less noticeable on darker rather than on the lighter materials.

Carrara Marble