Granite is formed by solidification of liquid magma for thousands of years composing of minerals like feldspar, quartz, mica and other minerals under the earth’s crust. This process of solidification makes it one of the hardest material on earth.

Granite as a countertop or vanity top has set the standard for durability, a sense of permanence, and outright aesthetic value. For busy modern living, a granite countertop or granite vanity top delivers on a high-level of functionality. Granite is naturally resistant to the types of wear and tear a countertop or vanity top is likely to endure on a daily basis. Traditionally finished in a high polish, new technology has produced a recent trend towards textured finishes such as flamed, brushed and leather finishes.

Being a natural material and created when the earth was formed , each granite slab features patterns and colours that make each countertop or vanity top one of a kind.

Granite is formed by Mother Nature’s precious creation; obviously, no factory can replicate the Creators hands. For that very reason, no synthetic countertop can capture the elegance, beauty, charm and character of real granite in all its complexity." 

Lighter colour granites are slightly more porous than darker colour granites and may show a moisture stain if exposed to water for a period of time. When the stone dries up, the original colour will return. When choosing veined granites, it is important to know that on a U or an L-shaped kitchen, the vein pattern will have to follow the direction of the kitchen.

Pearl granites may appear different in shade in opposite direction and / or location of the room. Certain granites (e.g. materials such as Baltic Brown, Tan Brown, Emerald Pearl, Verde Ubatuba) are more porous than others and are subject to micro cracks. This is not a fault or inferior quality but the nature of the material. It is also common for shading to occur from one side to the other of the slab. Granite can have markings (like knots in timber), this will be noticeable when selecting the stone and is not considered a material defect.

Certain materials are more fragile than others and subsequently could break if sections are too long, joints will need to be positioned in the most suitable location, as the material dictates.

Pure black granite is a popular and beautiful material, we do however emphasise that it is difficult to maintain and requires more cleaning than other granites as even fingerprints can be easily noticed.

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