Benchtop Finishing


Standard benchtop edge details

Other custom profiles are available; please consult Granite Worx for further information


Sink/Bowl Cutout details

The overhands shown can vary depending on the sink supplied.


Overhang options

Maximum overhang distance is dependent on the thickness of the top.

Drainer Grooves & Recessed Drainers


Drainer grooves

Drainer grooves are not just a practical solution to keeping your work surface dry and clean – they can follow a number of options and designs. Precision etching of fluted grooves into drainers ensures that water flows naturally into the sink.



Recessing drainers

Recessing drainers is another option to consider, and one we can easily provide for.

Recessed drainers are a practical addition to a countertop, however it is important to know they may have a differing shade than that of the overall countertop; (this is most prevalent in materials such as Absolute black, Black Pearl)

Waterfall Ends

Waterfall ends is an option to go with your benchtops, either Granite, Engineered stone or Marble, they finish the kitchen off nicely, giving it a sleek look that ties in with the rest of the house.

They look elegant when used at either sides of the island and there are a few options for you to choose from.


Mitre join

The waterfall end is glued to the main top at 45 degree angle and it gives a seamless look from the top to the floor.


Butt Join

This allows the waterfall end to sit under the main top.


Negative Detail

This looks more elegant and aesthetically pleasing. There is a negative detail done with it, so you do not see the glues like the mitre and butt join.

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