Kitchen Bench Tops

We craft and supply premium quality, custom made benchtops to style your kitchen space.

Do you want a benchtop that’s hard-wearing with little or no upkeep? Is a classic, timeless look high on your agenda or are you drawn to the latest trends in colours and materials? Granite Worx can supply and fit your custom made tops using our incredible range of stone surfaces .

Choose your kitchen benchtop material for the look, feel and performance in the order of your own priorities for the space. A show-stopping granite benchtop in a spacious home may be chosen for pure aesthetic appeal over the engineered stone in a smaller, family kitchen. But you needn’t compromise function for form. Using a material en masse can create a wonderful dramatic effect.


Which stone material is right for my kitchen benchtop top?

All the stones mentioned below are perfect for your benchtops to give you a classy and timeless feel.

Each stone does offer unique traits that may help you choose your kitchen benchtop.

We offer three types of stone benchtops:

Composite Stone – Engineered Stone crafted by man to give you a luxurious feel while requiring no ongoing maintenance.

Natural Stones – includes Marble, Granite, QUARTZITE stones. These stones offer many colours options for home styling, is scratch-resistant, heat resistant and easy to clean.

Sintered Stone – PORCELAIN stone is a beautiful, adaptable stone and offers strong protection against extreme heat items, perfect for placing hot foods on the kitchen benchtop.

Composite Stone

ProQuartz Stone

ProQuartz stone is made from 90% quartz stone, polymer resins, and natural pigments. Not only the stone has a modern look from natural pigments, but it’s also scratch-free, stain and heat resistant. Embrace the luxurious appeal to your home while requiring no ongoing maintenance.

ProQuartz stone comes in many various styles and colours to match your style.

Natural Stones


Real marble benchtops are a luxurious addition to any new kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of marble is that it is such a unique surface, with its veining and patterning. And the fact that no two pieces of marble are ever exactly alike makes for stunning kitchen benchtops. Having a benchtop made of marble is the epitome of opulence, and is the sort of touch that can turn an already stylish home into a truly stunning one.


If you are looking to design a unique kitchen with natural stone that evokes timeless and enduring beauty, look no further than granite. Granite Countertops deliver gorgeous aesthetics in kitchens. It is a natural product with a timeless aura and appeal. Granite countertops take the kitchen to the next level visually and often become the centerpiece of the room.


In the heart of the home, a Quartzite benchtop can bring sophistication or add dramatic flair — depending on your personal style. This natural stone provides strength, density and is resilient to heat and staining. Combining aesthetically pleasing results with its practicality, it is an on-trend stone that is suitable for indoor and outdoor projects.

Quartzite is created when sandstone undergoes extreme pressure and heat in the crust of the earth due to tectonic plate compression. Quartzite slab is what dream kitchens are made of (literally). Most often white in colour and accented with complementary veining, Quartzite is available in a range of different tones and patterns and comes in either a honed or polished finish. The resilience of Quartzite means it can hold its own in high-traffic areas in the home and handle the heat in busy kitchens, so take note if you’re an avid cook. Unlike other stones, Quartzites offer an array of colours, veining patterns, and crystal-like translucency to deliver a distinct design statement.

Sintered Stone


Porcelain is a premium quality, beautiful, and flexible stone material to complement any kitchen and bathroom space. Our porcelains stones provide the highest inspiration, versatility, with similar colours of marble and granite stones and a contemporary leathered finish.

Porcelain material is strong against extreme heat items, perfect for placing hot foods on the kitchen benchtop.

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